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Welcome to NYOBE NV

Welcome to NYOBE NV, Belgium's premier producer of high-grade nylon 6 polymers and PA6 BCF yarns.

Catering experience and excellence to a rapidly evolving industry, we are specialised in the proactive development and international distribution of intermediate nylon products that are a staple of the compounding and carpet spinning markets.

NYOBE can pride itself on the quality of its products, the quick response time of its customer services, and an in-house tradition of innovation that began in 1976.

Driven by passion and performance, confident in our products, and in concert with our customers and partners, NYOBE aspires to scale Olympian heights and push the boundaries of what nylon 6 and its multitude of spinoffs can achieve.

Nylon 6

Virgin nylon 6 polymer with a 2.8 relative viscosity.

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Nylon 6
BCF Yarns

High-grade twisted and heat-set PA6 BCF yarns.

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